Entry #1


2011-01-13 19:20:40 by AMINTA

Prepare to be injected with the electricity that is AMINTA~
I'll be posting my introductory tune when Newgrounds lets me.
Its an old favorite, I think you will recognize it. :O

You'll be hearing everything from dream trance all the way to gabba from me. Keep a lookout. ;D



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2011-01-17 18:19:59

"I think the Audio Moderators are taking their sweet time screening me into the portal."
Is 4 days really that long? There's quite a queue, you know, and it seems like I'm the only one actually working on it.

Either way, you're now approved, good stuff. Welcome to the Audio portal!

AMINTA responds:

Sorry for the impatience. If you are the only one working on it, here's a personal thank you to you! :D


2011-01-23 18:06:05

Dude. I fucking love your music, especially your newest song B_Electro. Great fucking music to party to br0, but I hate to tell you that your songs need more bass. :( They'd be completely professional if you just had harder bass. It'd be way more fun to dance to if you added a harder bass and you're doing an amazing job.
Just thought I'd share. :]